Trouble the comfortable and comfort the troubled

“The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable and comfort the troubled.” – Ric Charlesworth

Before I started my financial services career, I did as most teens around Australia did, and worked for McDonalds.

I worked hard in that job and very quickly got recognised for being able to help train and coach new crew to perform their roles in the team.

When I moved on from that job in 2000, I found that my next role, my first in financial services, also lead me to coaching staff and helping them to reach their potential.

Over the years, in every role I have had, I seem drawn to the concept of coaching.

When Gregg and I started Fiduciam Compliance in early – mid 2020, we had one goal. To help advisers and licensees reach their potential.

Being a financial adviser, or running an Australian Financial Services, or Australian Credit Licence, can be troubling. There is a myriad of Legislative and Regulatory obligations which can sometimes make the comfortable feel troubled.

I sat back a few months ago and listened to Gregg as he spoke to a financial adviser he was helping and he said the same thing we say to all of our clients. Our role is to coach so that our clients can achieve what they need to achieve.

This is why we changed the name. We’re coaches, it’s what we do day in and day out.

As the quote above says, we trouble the comfortable and comfort the troubled. We ensure that all of our clients are ready to enter the playing field and achieve their best.


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