Originally published | 24 June 2016

In DC Comics, the Watchtower is a satellite in which the Justice League of America (Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter) meet to strategize on how to protect the planet.  It is also where the Martian Manhunter monitors the Earth to ensure the Justice League can react quickly to any event on the ground.

As an adviser, you need to be able to monitor your Earth (that is your clients) and ensure you have the ability to mobilise advice for them to be able to achieve their goals.

When clients seek advice from you, are you surveying the world that is financial planning to ensure they have safe passage? Or are you waiting for the client to come to you, answer some questions and let them carry on in life?

Over my career in financial planning I have always likened the financial planning process to a roadmap in which we, as financial advisers, take the client’s current circumstances and their goals and plot them a course to reach their destination.  Unfortunately, this can also lead to reactive styles of advice where we wait for the client to come to the review before we act.

Wouldn’t it be better and provide better results for our clients if we were in our Advice Watchtowers monitoring our clients and the financial planning environment and proactively plotting the course towards their goals rather than waiting for the vehicle to come to a complete stop and then redirecting?

It’s not always easy I know, but if you are aware of your surroundings as an adviser, it makes it easier for you to provide your clients with the most effective route towards their end goal.