In the Post-Hayne Royal Commission World, the need for greater governance, risk and compliance for financial services has increased.  The easiest way to ensure you are meeting your requirements is through a compliance calendar.  This calendar will provide a practical way to organise and focus on the steady stream of regulatory deadlines and essential tasks like training, advice reviews, policy reviews and committee meetings that you are required to complete throughout the year.

We will assist your business to identify and map your obligations, scheduling activities to suit your business.

We will ensure you have allocated tasks to appropriate personnel and that responsibility and accountabilities are assigned correctly.

A compliance calendar is a useful checklist of legislative obligations to help you manage your numerous compliance obligations. It is a summary of annual compliance tasks and how to complete them and include:

Authorised Representatives

  • Pre-appointment checks
  • Cross endorsements and AR agreements
  • Change of details / authorisations
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Termination procedures
  • ASIC notifications

Organisational Capacity

  • Review adequacy of human resources
  • Responsible manager checks
  • Business and succession plans
  • Review training plans
  • OH&S review

Compliance and Risk Management

  • APL review and update
  • Conflicts of interest register review
  • Review and report suspicious matters
  • Monitoring complaints and breach management
  • Review outsourced arrangements
  • Business continuity planning

Audit and Financial Management

  • Review financial resources
  • ASIC notifications
  • Review and reconcile trust account
  • Financial audit
  • ASIC reporting
  • Review insurance requirements

The benefits of a compliance calendar are:

  • Covers all AFS and other compliance requirements
  • Includes best practice guidelines
  • Enables you to diarise timing and frequency
  • Supports your quality assurance programme