The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) sets out the minimum requirements for representative training.

Training is one of the keystones for any governance, risk and compliance framework. Effective assessment and record keeping of training undertaken, is essential. As a licensee you must demonstrate that your Representatives understand the relevant legislation, how it is embedded into their day to day and the operations of the business.

We can assist you in mapping, in accordance with the FASEA guidance, the education of new and existing Representatives to ensure the courses they have completed meet the training standards. 

We can then identify the areas the Representative may be authorised for.

We can also assist your business to implement policies and procedures to ensure that Representatives undertake the appropriate continuing education to ensure they maintain, update and develop their competencies. 

We can assist to establish individual training plans that provide training for areas of continual change (e.g. legislation, regulatory policies and standards, economic and financial developments, new products and market practices). The training plans will also be tailored to develop new knowledge and skills to assist with current roles or roles contemplated in the near future. We are able to deliver interactive and engaging professional development workshops that drive active learning and understanding. We provide your Representatives with real life examples that they can recognise and relate to.